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onciu is one of those villages where reed-weaving is the primary social and economic activity. Almost everybody knows how to weave. How and when weaving came to Tonciu is unknown.The elders say that children learned from a school teacher who knew how to weave reeds. The teacher used woven reed baskets as payment for the products that he purchased from the villagers. This way the villagers have loved the baskets and they learned to make them.

Unfortunately the younger generations lost interest in this craft. To overcome this I founded the Tonciu Association of Weavers (TAW). Our mission is to preserve and continue this craft.



 consider myself lucky because I was born and raised in a place where crafts were part of day-to-day life. As a child I spent lots of time with my parents and grandparents while they were weaving. I listened to the tales as I was playing with reeds. When I grew up they asked me to try to weave the reeds and I remember when my grandmother wasn't happy with my weaving. So I tried and tried and this is how I learned to weave properly.

As a grownup I realised that I inherited a treasure and now I weave not just for the income but to take futher the art of wooving. Besides the traditional baskets I like to innovate and keep my customers happy.

I love to hold workshops for children and adults alike, where I teach them the art of weaving.




Szilagyi Ilona



oday reeds are a little-known plant. In Tonciu, however, this plant is enjoying great polularity because weaving provides the locals with an income. Our baskets are rustic and useful all around the home!

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